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How To Build Self-Confidence

How To Build Self-Confidence

A wise woman once said that Courage is the most important virtue, and without Courage, you cannot achieve much. While she did not spill it out, she was talking about Self-Confidence.

What Is Self-Confidence?

In the simplest terms, self-confidence is trusting in one’s ability. It means believing in your abilities and not minding what others think of you. We see that a lot during discussions. Individuals with self-confidence are more courageous, more daring, and stand the chance of becoming more visible than those that lack this virtue.

Building self-confidence is something anyone can learn. Before we delve into building self-confidence, it is important to acknowledge some common factors that cause its lack and how to tackle them.

Factors that cause lack of self-confidence?

As mentioned earlier, self-confidence is the trust in one’s ability. There are some that can reduce such trust.

1. Self-Doubt:

Self-doubt is always common when you are not so sure of yourself. This normally is an offshoot from being less prepared, or lowly exposed to the topic. If a confident doctor is discussing a legal topic with a competent lawyer, his level of self-confidence is always affected. It will be a pure case of playing in an unfamiliar territory. If not knowledgeable about the matter of discussion, self-doubt conflicts with personal courage.

How To Solve This:

First, acknowledge that you can’t know everything. When in doubt, ask. While discussing with an expert in his field, there are preambles to make the experts and the audience to know that you are not speaking from the angle of authority. This will always provide the pardons you will need if the topic goes deeper than your knowledge.

You don’t have to jump into every discussion. No one knows it all.

Learning is the best cure of self-doubt.

2. Insecurity

When one is not secure within, exuding self-confidence becomes a herculean task. This affect people that are victims of bullying and people whose peers always make a mockery of. We easily formed insecurity at childhood, and lingers for a lifetime. Insecure people, even if they know what to say, find it difficult to express themselves.

How To Solve This:

Everyman can build a fence. If you focus on what the world is using against you, you will never go far. Always know that the most important words are the ones you believe. Fence off every negative energy and focus on your strength. The less the world can get into your skin, the more progressive you will become.

3. Introversion

We can term this factor biological. There are people are more comfortable with what happens inside them than sharing their thought. They internalize everything and careless of impressing the world. Some introverts have self-confidence, but it is always generally difficult to assess them.

How To Solve This:

There is no cure to your temperament. If you are not a chatterbox, just ensure that you are not just quiet because you don’t know what to say. Let it be that you know all but decided not to join the parrots.

As the term goes – self-confidence. It is something within and not a medal to show the world.


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