Obidients Should Expect More Jabs From Governor Soludo

There are emotions and there is politics.

Just like a lioness over the cub, the role of every political head is to protect his structure. How he goes about it depends on his temperament.

Professor Soludo is one candidate that’s not under any pressure. He is not even up to a year in government, and he is from a political party, APGA. And like every political party wants its candidates to win elections, APGA will depend on the muscle of Professor C.C.

No, Soludo won’t want any political party to defeat him in his own state. And if you will, it must come at a price. There won’t be any free lunch with Nwa Mgbafor – not even for his predecessor, Mr. Peter Obi.

As it stands today, Mr. Peter Obi’s strongest proof of leadership was his activities as the governor of Anamabra State. Today, Soludo is in the same office Peter Obi left 8 years ago. Professor Charles has access to every single claim by Peter Obi. So, when it comes to the facts about Obi, Soludo’s words weigh as heavy as a sack filled with molded steel. He will employ them to protect the party he is loyal to. And there is nothing he will enjoy more than hearing the echo of his voice in faraway lands.

We shouldn’t forget that in 2010, Peter Obi contested against Professor Charles Soludo to win his second term in office. Again, last year, 2021, Governor Peter Obi supported Valentine Ozigbo of PDP against Professor Charles Soludo.

And during campaigns, words were exchanged and dented linens were washed publicly. Therefore, Soludo and Peter Obi has a political history.

Soludo is an outstanding leader, and he will succeed. Saying that the investments of Peter Obi is worth next to nothing means that Peter Obi invested the state’s fund into something. It means that Peter saved enough to invest in areas he believed would yield profit to the state.

After all, in 2003, under Prof Soludo as the CBN Governor, I sweated and raised N16,000. I invested the N16,000 in Oceanic Bank because CBN certified it safe. Just 1 year after Soludo left CBN, the CEO of Oceanic bank, Mrs. Cecilia Ibru pleaded guilty to charges of financial fraud and mismanagement and was sentenced to six months imprisonment in October 2010. Today, 20 years later, after the acquisition of Oceanic Bank, my N16,000 investment is worth less than N500. I invested in good fate. I trusted the Central Bank of Nigeria. But today, my investment is worth next to nothing.

Believers of a Better Nigeria should have thick skin. If you think the journey will be a walk on a plain field, then think again. Professor Chukwuma Charles Soludo has every record of Peter Obi, and until he shows an evidence that Peter Obi embezzled the public fund, everything remains politics.

Ozii Baba, a TedX Speaker, is an Onitsha-based storyteller and social entrepreneur. He works directly with children and young people.

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