Ticking The Boxes For Soludo Before Christmas!

The Solution mandate is a vision with a deadline, and the three times Best former CBN Governor appears to be in a haste to avoid excuses. One remarkable point of Soludo’s unique style of governance is his insistence on the activation of strict adherence to institutional processes and frameworks in actualizing his goals.
Before this is lost on us and we begin to take them for granted as we are wont to, it is important we tick the boxes thus far and set the tone for objective appraisal away from the distortions of naysayers, those I refer to as “Commanders of the old order”.
As at today Soludo has
 — Recruited 300 Health workers and 5000 Teachers to end the era of hospitals without  Doctors and Schools without Teachers.
— Soludo has flagged off over 230 Kilometers of Roads with a strategic thrust to connect key economic belts of the State, renew urban centres, and mitigate traffic induced loss of man hours around major metropolis in the State. Those coming into Anambra State for Christmas would need to bear with us as the State is currently one huge construction site.
— Accelerated the budgeting process with prudence, transparency and accountability as major hallmarks. As at today, the 2023 draft budget document has been submitted to the State House of Assembly for appropriation, this is in spite of the initial revision of the 2022 budget all geared towards enthroning fiscal responsibility in line with global best practice.
— Soludo has reintroduced “tax consciousness” amongst the citizenry. Today in the State, it has become common knowledge that tax is the law and it is the only way government can provide enduring infrastructure for public good. To boost tax payers confidence, the new tax system has been digitalized cutting off middlemen who fed fat on public money; and where it involves “flying revenues”, Soludo has led the charge in presiding over a transparent and open bidding process where interested Agencies compete and win on the merit of their capacity to deliver.
— Soludo has placed Youth empowerment on the front burner through a deliberate investment in skill acquisition that will bring about growth in MSMEs. In launching the “one youth two skills” initiative and increasing budgetary provisions for the State’s ministry of youth, he has clearly shown his road map to creating a thousand youth Millionaires annually.
— Soludo is restoring Law and Order in communities, ending the era of impunity in town union administration, and self-imposed Monarchs parading without due government recognition.
— The transition to renewable energy is spreading across the State with the hitherto diesel powered streetlights now replaced with Solar powered alternatives. Of course the cost cut from this and facility management cost has positioned Soludo as a prudent Manager of scarce resources.
— Soludo has rescued seven (7) LGAs from the shackles of marauding gun men. Prior to this moment, it was near impossible to contemplate this.
— In Waste management, Soludo has deployed a new approach that is seeing to the end of open waste bins littering the environment. With over 31 new waste collection Agencies contracted, the journey to a clean and green environment is now expedited.
I just thought of ticking some of these boxes so we understand the volume of work put in already by the Solution Team, with more underway as we await the one year anniversary of this administration.
— Mazi Ejimofor Opara
Ozii Baba, a TedX Speaker, is an Onitsha-based storyteller and social entrepreneur. He works directly with children and young people.

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