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What are Peter Obi’s chances of winning the election?

What are Peter Obi’s chances of winning the election?

This question will stare at Nigerians for good months. For the supporters of Mr. Peter Obi, there will be prime moments and there will come a time when the other political actors will knock so hard. But if history is something to go by, the chances of Peter Obi becoming the next Nigerian President are very high. His opponents know this and they are losing sleep over that.

Mr. Peter Obi is not just an everyday politician. He understands the importance of approaching politicking from the lens of the common man. His words are relatable to everyday people, and his attitude is void of any form of desperation. Just like every man that is not wasteful, Peter Obi understands that the hunger in the country is tied to the extravagance of the public officers. This is not the first time he joins a battle to correct the wrong.

The Man, Peter Obi, And His Political History

20 years ago, most people from Anambra State heard the name, Peter Obi, for the first time. In those days, Anambra State was in shambles. The civil servants were always on strike, Government owed the pensioners for years, the Bakassi boys had gone rogue, and they killed people every passing day.

The state was under the claws of the People’s Democratic Party which denied the sitting Governor Chinwoke Mbadinuju a ticket. Chinwoke Mbadinuju joined the Alliance for Democracy and became the second force in the state. Then, Peter Obi became the candidate of a newly formed political party known as APGA. He clearly stood no chance. Most people believed that the ruling party, PDP, would rig the election, others speculated that the Governor would muscle everyone out. Peter Obi did not lobby the structures, he did a thing every Anambra citizen would never forget.

Anambra people woke up one morning and saw posters that asked:

“Anambra, Are We Cursed or Are We The Cause?”

This question caused a revolution that unseated an incumbent government. There was a political awakening in the whole of Anambra State. It would later change the election calendar of Nigeria starting from Anambra State.

Today in Nigeria, every wise citizen can hear that same voice asking: Are We Cursed, Or Are We The Curse?

So, if anyone asks me this question: What are Peter Obi’s chances of winning the election?, I will answer thus:

If History is something to go by, Anambra 2003 will repeat itself in Nigeria 2023.


Ozii Baba, a TedX Speaker, is an Onitsha-based storyteller and social entrepreneur. He works directly with children and young people.

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