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Soludo Speaks on The Fight Against Unknown Gunmen (Video)

We have started the work. And as we have entered, the challenges are big. I applied for the job so I don’t complain about the challenges. Right from the day of swearing-in, I devoted about 3 or 4 paragraphs to talking about the state of insecurity caused by unknown gunmen.

I’m from Anambra South, Aguata to be precise. None of the candidates then could campaign in the south. The entire 7 local governments – plus Ogbaru – were totally taken over by criminals. Some of them say they are hiding under the cloak of agitation. They are not agitating for anything. It is just a lucrative criminal enterprise.

And I also want to tell the Christians, that these people are taking over our land. They are everywhere in the bushes; they are jobless. They came with their shrines. Idolatry seems to be back.

They were initiating our youths, and after they (our youths) will come out boldly. It is nothing but criminality. They kidnap people too. The majority of the people doing this are not from Anambra. But the key is that Anambra people are known to be rich. Anyone kidnapped in Anambra can bring money or they have who will come to the aid.

We have sacked unknown gunmen from several camps, without exception. Anywhere we go and see them, there is always a shrine there. We have said to them that no house, no bush, or anywhere will accommodate us and criminals in Anambra state.

Light and darkness cannot be together. So, the insecurity that we have, or the ones you see on social media, the only thing we ask of you people is for us as God’s people whether Catholic, Pentecostal, or Anglican, we are one.

When I was campaigning I saw different denominations and there is nothing different. I was senior prefect for two sessions, I was one of the pioneers. I introduced the use of ancient and modern when I was in class 4. We use it for devotion and others. I have asked for a solution in solving this different denominational thing. You don’t have to change the language and mode of worship to please yourself.

Now we have multi-denominational worship in the lounge every day. Everyone has their day. We are getting the Pastors, Priests both Anglicans and Catholics from all over the state. Every Tuesday, the Anglicans lead us in worship there and it is quite lovely. After going the other day, I asked them to bring ancient and modern and open to hymn 353. Choir do you remember it? (singing)

I think we have to change the language, this concept of us and them. If we are divided, the idolaters will take over. And they are determined to do so. But with the Bible on our right hand, we shall overcome. Anambra will overcome.

We are dealing with them one by one. Every day, we are picking them up. The kidnappers’ house was demolished the other day. We rescued 6 in one day, people who were held including a Reverend father. And the house where they kept the Rev father, we demolished it two days ago.

We are taking the fight to them. We are unleashing our weapons, no forest, no house, nowhere in Anambra will accommodate these people. We must take back our state. Different security, you see something, say something. Report to the security, they are less than animals.

Imagine beheading a human being. Because the God they worship takes human sacrifices. We are not on the same page, darkness and light have nothing in common. And that’s why we are going to take them out, there is no ground, no bargain.

We are not giving unknown gunmen space and we are taking them out, give us a few months. It took 3 years for them to gain ground. Yes, if you want to do any ceremony you take permission from them by paying, they tax too. Taking people from Ogboji, Agulu-Ezechukwu forest. We recovered 3 notebooks among other things, an assortment of people’s cars they parked.

The 3 notebooks we recovered, a very good accountant, 1 notebook is for those kidnapped and the amount that paid and their balance, that’s what this thing is all about, nothing to do with any agitation or anything. So, we must face this.

The 2nd notebook is for those that contributed, and the 3rd notebook is for their expenses: 18 point something million for guns, food, and other things. So, they pay the okada people that help them kidnap people. That’s why some don’t want to be okada people again. This is what is going on.

I don’t know if you people saw the video of the person we caught from Ukpor was talking about how he was initiated by unknown gunmen and now he is terrorizing others?

If he called you, he would say he was ‘Commander’. That you would bring 6 million otherwise they will kill you. And he told how one man transferred 2.8 million into his account. They are not afraid. They give out their account details but Anambra will be good again, let us watch and pray but more importantly let us be united.

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Ozii Baba, a TedX Speaker, is an Onitsha-based storyteller and social entrepreneur. He works directly with children and young people.

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