What Bobrisky, Very Dark Man and Jadrolita Have In Common

What Bobrisky Very Dark Man and Jadrolita Have In Comm

A skit maker made a list of celebrities who were not supposed to be popular. He named

1. Bob Risky

2. Very Dark Man, and

3. Jadrolita.

A funny piece. In his comment section, most of his followers agreed with him. They even added more names to the list, claiming that those guys have no talent. Now, the question is: why is the influence of those talentless individuals growing every passing day?

The answer to this question is – it doesn’t take talent to be influential; all you need is creativity.


No matter how much you dislike Bob Risky, their body is a piece of art. And the singular fact that you don’t know if Bob is a she or a he is enough to spark conversation. Bob doesn’t need a voice like that of Onyeka Onwuenu or the charisma of Chimamanda Adichie; whenever he – or rather she – walks into any show, it steals all the attention.

Very Dark Man (VDM)

What comes to your mind when you watch Very Dark Man? An ordinary bodybuilder with a smartphone publicly talking about people he disagrees with. Looking at him, you can see courage, arrogance, and a touch of menace. You don’t need to agree with VDM to watch him again and again.


On Jadrolita, the skit maker was probably looking. Lol. Is he not grateful that Nigeria, without any coding, produced a real-life robot? Those short clips that showed the interactions between a normal human and human A.I should fill in the gap of the lack of fantasy movies in Nollywood. And Jadrolita is good at what she does.

Unlike every other craft, creativity has no manual. There are no ‘how-tos’ when it comes to it. You just need to think of anything – either existing or imaginary, and keep in mind that all big ideas start off seeming silly.

Once you can spark curiosity, Voila! And what a creative does with their craft is totally up to them.

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Bobrisky Very Dark Man and Jadrolita

Ozii Baba, a TedX Speaker, is an Onitsha-based storyteller and social entrepreneur. He works directly with children and young people.

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