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Usonwanne Ugwu: Saving The Environment

Usonwanne goes around in schools in Onitsha educating Primary School pupils of the dangers of plastics, and how they can be reused.
Usonwanne Ugwu: Green Amazon Recycling

Usonwanne Ugwu was only 11 years old when she launched her initiative: Green Amazon Recycling. Green Amazon Recycling is an initiative to teach school children and families about Climate Change, the Environment, and Recycling. Green Amazon Recycling promotes the culture of taking care of our environment and helps solve the problem of plastic pollution.

As a child, her mother liked keeping empty plastic bottles. Being an inquisitive little girl, she wondered what could be done with what was already a waste. And learning that plastics are harmful to the environment changed her perceptions about plastics.

Onitsha was littered all over with plastics, and the little girl believed that the residents were ignorant of the harm done to the environment. She woke every day thinking of how to save the environment. When the mother noticed this messianic attitude of her daughter, she enlightened her on the reusable property of plastics. She exposed her to materials on how recycling and creative uses of wastes.

Being The Role Model

Today, Usonwanne goes around in schools in Onitsha educating Primary School pupils of the dangers of plastics, and how to reuse plastics. She has planted clubs in schools around Onitsha and converted his peers into Climate Change Agents. Every Friday, kids from different schools in Onitsha bring plastic from home, and Usonwanne collects the donation and sends it to a recycling site. Sitting with Usonwanne will amaze any adult. This little soul has equipped herself with all there is to know about plastics. Moreover, her knowledge dwarfs her 12-year-old age. She has really invested time in learning about her passion, and she is now a role model to many.

One cannot be wrong to say that Uzonwanne has already found her path in a world where many are still gambling with choices.


She aims at collecting 100,000 plastic bottles by the end of the year 2022. Usonwanne donates the proceeds from her project to charity.



Ozii Baba, a TedX Speaker, is an Onitsha-based storyteller and social entrepreneur. He works directly with children and young people.

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