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Inside Onitsha Business Hangout: A Convergence of Africa’s Brightest Minds

Onitsha Business Hangout: A Gathering of Visionaries

In the vibrant city of Onitsha, something extraordinary happened last week. A remarkable Onitsha Business Hangout brought together a multitude of young, driven individuals, all under the age of 40, with a shared passion for entrepreneurship. This event was a true convergence of Africa’s brightest minds. It featured tech-savvy professionals, influential OAPs (On-Air Personalities), renowned Twitter influencers from Nigeria, and even several esteemed billionaires.

Uniting Diverse Perspectives: ‘Strictly Business’

Under one roof, this gathering brought together an impressive panel of esteemed professionals. The panelists included Mr. Don Ebubeogu, representing Tiger Foods Limited; Mr. Okeke Celestine, a representative from the Strands Foundation; Chief Anieto Ajuluchukeu, an influential figure from Susseto Group; Mr. Olusegun Sogbesan, a prominent member of the Onitsha Business Group; and Happiness Akubuike, a seasoned IT expert.

Insights from Visionary Entrepreneurs

Don Ebubeogu, Tiger Foods

The Managing Director of Tiger Foods Limited, Mr. Don Ebubeogu, captivated the audience with the inspiring story of their company, which was built from the ground up by their mother. He shared the challenges they faced due to fluctuating forex rates. He also shared how the Nigerian government’s border closure had a profound impact on their supply chain. Ebubeogu also offered valuable advice on managing a successful business in any part of the world.

Okeke Celestine, Strands Foundation

Okeke Celestine from the Strands Foundation emphasized the importance of strategic business growth. He stressed the need to treat businesses as separate entities and make financial decisions that prioritize the long-term interests of the company. As an example, he shared a hotel’s practice of allocating 30% of every room payment to a separate account and regularly replacing all furniture. This financial discipline has been instrumental in sustaining the hotel’s success over the years.

Chief Anieto Ajuluchukwu, Susseto Group

Chief Anieto Ajuluchukwu is a product of the Igbo Apprentice System. In his message, he shared his personal journey from being an apprentice in Onitsha to becoming a successful entrepreneur. He highlighted the significant role and numerous benefits of the Igbo Apprentice System, also known as “Igba Boi.” Chief Ajuluchukwu discussed the future potential of this system and how Africa as a whole can reap its benefits.

Olusegun Sogbesan, Onitsha Business School

Mr. Olusegun Sogbesan, a facilitator at the Onitsha Business School, shed light on the importance of branding. He emphasized the need to identify a problem and find unique solutions while viewing businesses through a problem-solving lens. Mr. Sogbesan expressed his concern about the lack of partnership-seeking behavior among African businesses. He highlighted how strategic partnerships can facilitate faster and more significant growth.

Happiness Akabuike, Nigerian Woman In Tech

Happiness Akabuike, an experienced IT expert with a decade of experience in ERP software training and implementation, shared her insights on leveraging technology to scale businesses in Africa. As a Google developer Co-lead and women in tech ambassador, she showcased the immense potential of technology in driving business growth.

A Gathering of Influential Minds

The event attracted numerous other influential figures, including Uchenna Onwuamegbu Ugwu from Edufun Technik, Akwa-Ugo from WaZoBia Fm, Jay Jay Agada from Sapiensa, Anambra’s 1st Son, AOP Joseph Jaho, and several prominent social media influencers. The driving force behind this groundbreaking event was Ifeanyi Ogbaji, the event’s convener.

In conclusion, the Onitsha Business Hangout served as a powerful platform that united exceptional minds from various fields. This convergence of Africa’s brightest minds fostered knowledge sharing, networking, and collaboration. The insights and experiences shared by the visionary entrepreneurs left a lasting impact, inspiring attendees to embark on their own entrepreneurial journeys and contribute to the growth and prosperity of the African business landscape.

Ozii Baba, a TedX Speaker, is an Onitsha-based storyteller and social entrepreneur. He works directly with children and young people.

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