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“No Day Off is an expression of who I am” ~Nuno Zigi

No Day Off is self-explanatory, it simply means never taking your feet off the pedal as regards your hustle, 24/7 locked in. I come from a place where you have to grind for what you get.

Q&A session with one of the fastest rising artists from the South East, Okechukwu Ayadinuno popularly known by his stage name “Nuno Zigi.”

The talented rapper has blessed the airwaves with two different singles; ‘Iyoo’ and ‘Chupadia,’ and a couple of other collaborations.

Q: Zigi can you tell our readers about yourself?

A: I’m an Anambra-born rap artiste that raps predominantly in the Igbo language. A family-oriented guy and the first in a beautiful family of six. I have a knack for smooth bars and wordplay that Is evident in my music and I’ve got die-hard fans that I go all out for.

Nuno Zigi

Q: Why music? Who/what inspired you to start making music?

A: Nobody inspired me to do music rather I picked up mentors along the way. It was a divine call that I answered way back in my secondary school and I’m glad I did.

January to December mu eburo ride bata

Kee ife m ga akolu my mother

My silver spoon fulu efu m’e pick tero ya

Kee ife m ga akolu my mum

4 years for Unizik m wenata so degree

Kee ife m ga akolu my mother

Chupadia – Nuno Zigi feat Phyno

Q: Describe your creative process when you write new music

A: There’s no particular pattern to my creative process it all depends on how the inspiration comes. Sometimes I have an idea and I craft something around it then hit the studio with any of my producers who will best bring my idea to life or I get to hear a beat I like and vibe with it, if the vibe sits right with me I tailor my lyrics to match the vibe. Whichever way it comes it’s no longer news that anything Nuno touches turns into gold.

Q: Who is your ideal musician to collaborate with and why?

A: I’d say musicians rather, Young MA, 6lack, and Travis Scott. It’ll be fun trading bars with MA, she inspired me greatly because she’s real and hard, 6lack will bring out the melodic side of my music and Travis is someone I’ve admired his energy on songs for a long time so it’ll be a good match.

Q: Wow! That’s a list you have there! There’s been this talk for a while now about top Igbo artists not putting the young and upcoming artists through. What do you have to say about that?

A: Different strokes for different folks, for me I firmly believe if you do enough to be noticed and sustain the tempo you’ll surely get to a point where you can no longer be ignored. This is a social media era, put yourself in the spotlight and the help you’re deserving of will come irrespective of who it comes from.

Q: Imma akwusi m ise gae (laughs)
Are we expecting something new from Boys Oye movement after the success of Gae and Selense?

A: Hopefully sometime soon we’ll hit the studio and come through with magic, but for now I’m all focused on my forthcoming EP No Day Off.

Q: You talked about a project last year, No Day Off, when are we expecting it?

A: Sometime in April.

Q. What’s the idea behind the name of your forthcoming project, No Day Off?

A: No Day Off is self-explanatory, it simply means never taking your feet off the pedal as regards your hustle, 24/7 locked in. I come from a place where you have to grind for what you get. So it’s an expression of who I am, where I come from and a constant reminder to keep it going at all times.

Nuno Zigi

Q: What do you have to say to people that think your lines are too vulgar?

A: They should thank me for being brave enough to incorporate what they already know, say, and do daily into my music. It’s not vulgarity it’s me being real with my craft.

Q: What word of advice do you have for upcoming artists?

A: Put in the work and believe in yourself or have yourself to blame.

Q: Thank you Nuno Zigi for this wonderful opportunity.

A: The pleasure is all mine

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Ikechukwu Emeka, a trained Biochemist and thinker

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