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Tiger Foods Limited: Putting Anambra on the Global Map

In certain parts of South East Nigeria, there exists an unspoken fear that products manufactured locally might be perceived as inferior. This perception has affected the region’s industrialization and hindered its recognition as one of the most industrialized parts of Africa. However, Tiger Foods Limited, a company that takes immense pride in its Anambra roots, is changing this narrative. With an impressive range of over 70 natural food spices, the company is making waves both within and outside Nigeria. It is effectively spreading the name of Anambra State globally.

Embracing Anambra Identity

Tiger Foods Limited, under the leadership of Mr. Celestine and Mr. Don Ebubeogu, firmly believes in embracing its Anambra identity. Instead of resorting to tagging products as “Made in Foreign Lands,” the company proudly displays “Made in Anambra” on each item. This bold move not only showcases the authenticity and quality of its products but also contributes to the promotion of Anambra State as a significant hub of production and innovation.

Mr. Don Ebubeogu shared insights into how Tiger Foods has been instrumental in spreading the reputation of Anambra State worldwide. Delighted by the company’s commitment to its roots, Governor Soludo extended an invitation to the directors to share their success story with the local business community in Anambra State.

A Wide Range of Natural Food Spices

Tiger Foods Limited boasts an impressive portfolio of over 70 natural food spices. Their products have found their way into millions of households across Nigeria, Africa, and beyond. From aromatic herbs to rich seasoning blends, each product carries the distinct mark of “Made in Anambra”. This contributes to the Anambra state’s global representation.

Impact on Anambra State

By promoting “Made in Anambra” products, Tiger Foods Limited is playing a crucial role in elevating the reputation of Anambra State in the business world. The company’s global reach means that the name of Anambra is displayed in households worldwide. This adds to the state’s prominence and recognition on the international stage.

Made In Anambra

Tiger Foods Limited has embraced its Anambra identity with pride, positively impacting the perception of products manufactured in the region. By boldly displaying “Made in Anambra” on each item, the company contributes to the state’s industrialization and global recognition. With their extensive range of natural food spices making its way into households worldwide, Tiger Foods Limited is undoubtedly a key player in putting Anambra on the global map.

Tiger Foods Limited: Putting Anambra on the Global Map

Ozii Baba, a TedX Speaker, is an Onitsha-based storyteller and social entrepreneur. He works directly with children and young people.

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